05 Jun

New Promotional Product Idea for Fall 2018: Cap Zappa Bottle Cap Launcher

The Cap Zappa Bottle Launcher Puts a New Spin on Promotional Products.

Cap Zappa lines up to appeal to the Millennial in all of us. Fun, Silly and totally Pointless, the Cap Zappa is the Perfect Promotional Product.

Promotional products are changing almost as fast as the demographics are! In 2020 and beyond the prime consumer will be those under the age of 45. These include the Millennial generation.

Millennials are looking for something new, something different when it comes to their promotional products. No longer do they want what their predecessors bought for use at tradeshows and b2b marketing.

cap zappa bottle cap launcher gun

cap zappa bottle cap launcher gun

In the fall of 2018 Promo Motive is launching a whole new collection of unique, one-of-a-kind promotional swag.

Torn from the pages of trending online retailers, Kickstarter and other social media sites our new ideas are perfect for capturing the kid in all of us.

What is the purpose of promo swag?

“Swag or promotional products have one main purpose and that is to get your clients logo seen an imprinted upon potential customers’ brains!”

The Cap Zappa is a great way to get your logo out in the world!

If you believe the quote above is accurate think about how many people will be checking out your logo on the Cap Zappa bottle cap launcher!

Coming Sept 1st 2018!

cap zappa bottle cap launcher

30 May

FREE samples of trendsetting swag for promotional products professionals

Get any or all of these trendsetting promotional product ideas for FREE.

Free is easy, free is good and free samples are the easiest way for distributors to get more sales. If you are looking for free samples of the ideas below simply follow these three easy steps.

  1. Send us your address.
  2. Send us your UPS or FEDEX ground account. Average shipping cost is $5. (shipped from our Arizona warehouse.)
  3. Wait 3 days and voila! (fancy french word for easy!) they arrive at your door.

wholesale tradeshow swag and promotional products including

You will get 2-3 random samples of the round pop phone grip. Here are the net prices including FREE shipping: minimum order 250 units NET including everything $1.88 each.

square pop phone stand Promo Motive tradeshow swag, fidget spinners and fidget cubes, c

You will get 2-3 random samples of the square pop phone grip. Here are the net prices including FREE shipping: minimum order 250 units NET including everything $2.18 each.

wholesale tradeshow swag and promotional products including custom socks, custom flash drives, pop sockets and phone stands, lazy bag air sofa and edc multi tools.

You get 2 random samples of the keysmart key organization system. Here are the net prices including FREE shipping: minimum order 250 units NET including everything $2.88 each.

Who or What is Promo Motive?

Distributors Love that We Zig while others Zag. Here’s Why!

Firstly, we import direct from the factory to you, saving money and passing along the savings.

Secondly, We only do COOL. We don’t do dull and only offer amazing. No mugs, pens, hats or such here. As we like to say “We Do Weird Well!”

Lastly, we provide world-class marketing intelligence and “hop-to-it” customer support designed to find you a swag solution that will help you and your clients truly stand apart from the crowd. Read more…..

Are You Selling The Same Idea…Again?

Today’s most successful promotional products need to be fresh and innovative. If you are doing the same old thing and getting the same old dull result, then surprise, surprise….you need to consider doing something new!

This is where Promo Motive comes in. We specialize in innovative, trending and cutting edge products that can be logo’d. Want to know how we spot product trends that can be logo’d and will be winners in promo? Read more…


Call us anytime 7 days a week from 8 a.m.- 6. pm.

Our toll free number is 1-888-908-1481 or email ideas@promomotive.com

13 Nov

Meet the next big trend. Promotional Popsockets, Propring and Pop Phone Grips.

Popsockets, PropRing and POP Phone Grips. If you are a marketer and do not know what these are you should!

Why? Your client is asking for them!

It seems that every year there is a new fad or idea that seems to catch the public’s collective imagination. Last winter and into the summer it was the Fidget Spinner and to a lesser degree, the Fidget Cube.

In mid 2017 if you were looking for swag for your tradeshow or for your clients business campaign and wanted to get the best possible reaction you chose to put your logo on a fidget spinner.

square popsocket type tradeshow and conference promotional products

View Square Pops Here.

Now in 2018 the hot new trend is Phone Grips. Originally started by Popsocket (of Boulder Co) these collapsible phone grips are now available in a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes. Want to know more on the original popsocket a good place to start is to read this article on the Popsockets from the U.K.

Are you a trade show supplier or marketing professional?

If you are and have not yet figured out what these are and how to incorporate them into your sales pitch or marketing plan a good place to start is to read this article on phone grips for tradeshows.

pop and popsocket style grip and promotional swag

There are new styles of collapsible tradeshow ready POP phone grips available and with a delivery time of 7 days from start to in hands these are fast becoming a  “hot item’ in the promotional product market place (ie trade shows, b2b marketing, conference gifts etc).

See POP Prices and Selection.

1. Use it as a media stand: Pop phone grips make amazing stands. You can ‘pop’ them for easy use as media stand to watch Youtube, take photos on the phones timer or even use your phone to act as an alarm clock by your bedside.

2. The BEST selfies: The new generation of smartphone cameras no longer need the 3 feet reach of yesterdays dorky selfie sticks. Drop the stick and pick up the Pop’s for the best social media tool.

3. Easy grip while running: Pop’s make holding your phone easier while you are doing various activities like running.

4. Video calls: Simply mount your phone on your laptop while on a video call, allowing you to go hands-free so that you can multi-task.

5. Use it as a media grip: Pop’s make great grips, making activities like taking one-handed selfie, talking on the phone and texting much easier.

6. Earbud cord management: You can wrap your earbuds around your Pop’s to keep them in one place and tangle-free.

7. Grips for Tablets: Pop’s make it easy to hold larger devices such as tablets and e-readers in a secure manner.

9. Gaming: You can turn your phone/ tablet into a joystick by aThre ttaching two Pop’s to the back of it.

The Trend is always your Friend!

The adage goes like this…”The trend is your friend” and if this is true then this trend which is sparking alight the world of socail media and celebrity gushing will soon and dramatically enter into the the Top 10 status as a “must have” promotional product or swag for 2018.

If you would like to learn more or get info and prices call us at 1-888-908-1481 or email us here.

POP phone stands for tradeshow giveaway

squa re popsocket style phone grips for tradeshow

10 Oct

USB Car Chargers are trending up while Power banks are trending down. Why is this?

Promo Motive is in the trendspotting business for promotional swag and today and over the last month we have determined this trend. Here are the reasons.

It appears that USB car chargers are trending up and power banks are tending down for a number of reasons. Here are some of them

Dual Port Phone Charger great for promotions

Dual Port Phone Charger great for promotions

Single Port USB Car Charger for giveaways

Single Port USB Car Charger for giveaways

Power Banks: Power Banks are definitely trending downwards and this is due to 2 issues. The first being that airfreight from China to the States on power banks is way up. Insurance regs, restrictions on which carriers will airfreight lithium ion batteries along with the increase in Chinese currency against the US dollar all combine to make Power Banks less attractive.

Gold Phone USB Charger

Gold Phone USB Charger

Red USB Phone Charger

Red USB Phone Charger

Phone batteries: Phone batteries have improved dramatically over the past 5 years with charge times extending as much as 187% on some models. This means the need for an emergency power bank is less and less.

USB Car Chargers on the upswing!

Black USB Phone Charger for Tradeshows

Black USB Phone Charger for Tradeshows

Charge Charger for Promotions

Charge Charger for Promotions

People are more mobile than ever and the need to recharge larger digital assets such as laptops, tablets and multiple phones are on the increase. The new generation of USB chargers provides a much faster and fuller charge than their counterparts of just a couple of years ago.

Triple Port USB Phone Charger great for Swag!

Triple Port USB Phone Charger great for Swag!

This means a phone and a laptop can be charged with even a short drive time. The new charging technology makes it possible for a laptop to be fully charged in under an hour. It also allows the laptop to be powered using the new generation car chargers while the user logs on from a remote location.

Black USB Phone Charger with logo

Black USB Phone Charger with logo

To find out more call 1-888-908-1481 or visit us on line at Promo Motive.