15 May

Our goal is to be the innovator of trending logo’d swag

The promo swag business prides itself on being innovative but at the same time is mired in repetitive behavior that promotes safe over innovative. Why is this wrong?


The promotional products business is a 27 Billion dollar industry whose stated goal is to provide creative marketing solutions, yet the reality of this industry is that it is mired in the promotion of tired and safe ideas.


Promotional products or swag occupy a unique place in our collective mindset. It is one of the more ubiquitous office accessories and one to which a significant portion of the budget is allocated. However, its true purpose seems to have been lost and is now overridden by the bland and the boring.

popsocket trade show promotional products and b2b swag

Get your business logo on a pop socket for trade show promotional products and b2b swag. Pop sockets are the top selling promotional product for trade shows in 2018. Wholesale, imprinted and factory direct promotional pop sockets are the perfect swag for conference giveaway, B2B marketing and trade show swag.


Historically speaking, the idea of promotional products is found in its name: promotion. The first major purpose of swag was for trade show giveaways and B2B marketing.

Trade show giveaways are still one of the key reasons for the existence of swag. Its purpose is really, really simple.


“The purpose of swag for trade shows is to get people to come to your specific booth and to go away from your booth with something that reminds them of who you are!”


If you agree with the above quote, then the obvious conclusion is that whatever you put your logo on that you give away, it better be eye-catching and innovative. The top trade show giveaway is a pen. A crappy leaky pen is NOT very innovative or trendy!

The reason the pen is the number #1 giveaway is because the people who generally sell you your swag are not very in touch with trends or innovation. Indeed, some are, but the vast majority is not.


“ASI (the Ad Specialty Institute) says the average age of the promo resellers (distributors) is 57! Is the average 57 year old somewhere you would look to for innovation and trend awareness?”


This is why you should consider Trade Show 8. TS8 is a trend oriented promotional products business that looks for trending swag ideas that can have your logo imprinted or engraved on them. We specialize in trade show swag, B2B marketing and unique trending swag.


Popsockets for b2b logo, marketing and tradeshow logo. Get your business logo on a popsocket

Pop sockets for B2B logo, marketing and trade show logo. Get your business logo on a pop socket.


Trade Show 8. Factory Direct Trade Show Swag. Call Toll-Free 1-888-908-6932 or email People@Tradeshow8.com.

11 May

Get Your Logo on it for Less. Factory Direct Promotional Products for Less.

Promotional product professionals deserve a break. They deserve to make more money for all of the effort they put into their difficult work.

The business of selling and delivering customized promotional products often takes a bad rap but what is more problematic is that distributors are often doing it for very little profit.

ASI Distributors often deal with overly demanding clients and rush orders with unreasonable timelines. All of this would be fine if their profit was worth it but often they will do all of this work for very little in return.

“We believe that distributors deserve to make more than a lousy ‘C’!”


more than a c

more than a c

We back our Distributors with FREE Everything!

We look at this business differently. Instead of trying to gouge you money for set ups, shipping, pantone matches, separations, virtuals etc etc, we believe in giving you one fair and low price. This way you can make more than a lousy C!


“Free everything and one fair and low price will make it easier for you to make more than a C!”

What do we do for FREE?

We offer all of our clients, (not just an elite few) FREE shipping, FREE virtuals, FREE set ups, FREE 4 color imprint, FREE pantone matches and a FREE smile all because we believe you deserve to make more than a lousy C!

Below are two price lists, designed with you in mind. The bottom one is CODED on a C… feel free to use it. However, the TOP price sheet is WITHOUT pricing.


Want to know more? Call us at 1-888-908-1481 or email us John@promocrunch.com 

Below is the NO price go for it and make more than a C price list!

coded pop phone stand no price

coded pop phone stand no price

Below is the Coded a C price list with Free Everything!

coded pop phone stand prices

coded pop phone stand prices

07 May

Emerging B2B marketing trends in late 2018

What promotional ideas are trending for B2B marketing in the latter half of 2018? Let’s have a look.

Promotional product ideas are changing fast in 2018 and in the latter half of 2018 there are a few new marketing trends that are climbing the charts.

There seems to be a clear and newly emerging marketing trend in the field of promotional swag in the latter half of 2018: almost all of the new promotional ideas seem to somehow involve your smart phone.

custom logo pop socket for tradeshow

custom logo pop socket for tradeshow

POP socket: The first is the pop socket. This ubiquitous round disc is the perfect place to launch your logo or brand from. Inexpensive and easily seen by hundreds of people each day. The round pop socket is the leading promotional idea.

square pop socket

square pop socket

POP socket square shape: Not every logo is round or even looks good on a round substrate so now there’s a fix for the that: the square pop socket.

custom shaped pop ring for b2b

custom shaped pop ring for b2b

Custom shaped POP ring: If your business has an iconic shape why not go full hawg and get your shape made into a custom shaped pop ring?

Why is business marketing so important these days?

Old school media such as newspapers, yellow pages and radio are on the way out. Advocates for these mediums will argue against that fact but the short answer is that these older types of ad mediums are just no longer producing results they once did.

Very simple…the power to advertise your own business is not just in your hands but is BEST to be in your hands. This is one of the reasons that Trade Show 8 and its line of unique and eye-catching promotional products are so important.

Firstly, they are factory direct, which allows the biggest bang for your buck.

Secondly, at the same time we concentrate solely on trendsetting swag such as keysmarts, pop sockets and other retail friendly swag. We are consistenly seeking out the latest promotional ideas for every industry and bringing you the 8 coolest and most effective marketing trends.

Maximize your budget and ramp up your logo marketing impact! Trade Show 8, the trade show and B2B swag experts.

Call Toll-Free at 1-888-908-6932 or email People@Tradeshow8.com.

wholesale tradeshow swag and promotional products including custom socks, custom flash drives, pop sockets and phone stands, lazy bag air sofa and edc multi tools.

wholesale tradeshow swag and promotional products including custom socks, custom flash drives, pop sockets and phone stands, lazy bag air sofa and edc multi tools.



29 Mar

If you’re paying set up fees you’re getting ripped off.

I am a long-time promotional products supplier and I am shocked that people are still charging and still paying for set-ups, run charges, color matches etc.

Stop it Now!

Let me let you in on a secret.

As a supplier of swag who sells to distributors I am going to tell you now that you should never, ever, pay for set ups, run charges etc. It is a scam.

Issue #1

When was the last time you bought blanks and decorated them yourselves? Never. You always want it logo’d!

Issue #2

If issue #1 is true then why don’t suppliers just price out the product with a logo on it? They already know you’re going to want it with a logo!

Issue #3

Here’s where the suppliers who charge will say, “well…there’s a cost difference for 1,2,3 or 4 colors.” I say Bullshit!

I tell you this, the cost difference is so small that if a supplier can’t charge you an all inclusive logo cost or better yet an all inclusive product with logo cost regardless of how many colors you need then they are not very informed or  are playing the game as seen in the next issue, #4.

Issue #4

Suppliers who charge run fees, color matching etc. do this for 2 reasons…..1 to make more money and 2 to make their product appear less expensive than it really is!

Issue #4

Confusion to the client. (yes I know I used 4 twice…thought I would confuse you) Not only are these charges unnecessarily extra but they are coded on idiotic numerals like a G! This is just confusing and a time-waster.

Issue #5

Some charges are real and should be charged. When there is a real cost and its a significant one, go ahead and charge it. On our custom shaped flash drives for instance we pay $80 to the factory in China for the mold. Guess what, we charge our customers $80. I think that’s fair.

Issue #6

Make it easy on the customer. I can’t tell you how many clients I have spoken with who say they spend about 20 minutes costing out a job! 20 Minutes! Are you nuts!

The costing of the job should take 1 minute, the other 19 minutes you should be selling something else, high-fiving the guy in the cubicle next to you or rooting around on YouTube. You should get from the supplier a price. one, all inclusive price, you then would do your mark up on it and send it to the end user. Badda bing badda boom, done!

And on that note ,if you are sending a quote to customers with run charges, color matches etc….How do you think they feel about that?

In closing, I am sure there will be some of those out there who think I am nuts on this issue and that it is ok for all of these ridiculous charges. To you I say the following………You are wrong!


Below is an example of how it should be. Coded on a C to include shipping to your door and 1,2, 3 or even 4 color process logo. No extra charges! How easy does that make it!

coded pop phone stand prices

pop phone stand pop phone stand pop socket style media grip for trade shows and b2b marketing

not set up fees on any promotional products

27 Mar

Giving Birth To New Promotional Products Ideas.

At Promo Motive we pride ourselves on being the innovator in the Promotional Products Industry.

We are always on the outlook for new ideas that are trending on social media and in specialized retail where the product can be logo’d. We also look for products that engage and entertain.

Engaging and entertaining the end user is one of the founding top reasons of what makes a great promotional product. In short.


“Cool Ideas and Fun Products Get Your Logo in Front of Peoples Eyes!”


This weeks cool new idea is the Fidget Stick. Have a look, send the end user flyer (below) to your client and see what they say.

Delivery and Details.
+ Delivery is 10 days or less. Price includes FREE Freight and NO set ups. Easy!
+ Includes a Laser logo or 4 color logo and 2 sided imprint.

MIN order 250-499 $3.88 c  500-999 $3.58 c 1000 plus $3.18 c

Includes shipping to anywhere plus all logos.

For product details.

Click Here.

promotional products and b2b swag. Giving birth to new ideas

fidget sticks for promotional giveaway

fidget stick 2 for promo swag

fidget sticks for logo

26 Mar

Having a Hard Time Understanding Your Younger Customer

Let’s Face It! The average age of Promo Distributors according to ASI is 57. No wonder you are struggling to understand your younger buyer. The dreaded Millenial!

I have been in this business for nearly 25 years so I am not a millenial. However, I have Millenial kids and and have a very young innovative approach to the promo business.

In regards to Millenials and promo there are a few earth-shaking changes that us older promo people need to consider.

  1. Millenials want something new. Millenials are not going to repeat their pen order with the same logo and same pen for the next 10 years. You better get used to this idea because if you rely on repeats year after year you are out of luck.
  2. Millenials do not want what they predecessor bought. Even if what the predecessor bought worked, the Millenial will not keep on doing it. Best to stop trying to push them in this direction.
  3. Millenials want what is happening at retail for promo. Fidget Cubes, Popsockets, Fidget Spinners are all great examples of retail trends for promo. If you are not on-trend you will get crushed.

We Do It Differently, “We Do Weird Well!”

We specialize in the unique and the unusual, the trending and the social media savvy……in short we know what Millenials want. Don’t believe me? You sure you want to take that risk?

Here is what is trending. NOW! Call 888-908-1481 for info or email me John


square popsocket style media stand for promo, tradeshow and b2b marketing swag. Ge

custom socks logo socks promotional product swag

keysmart quick key key organizer for tradeshows

pop media stand for trade show and business marketing. Wholesale bulk promotional product aka swag

infinity cube for marketing and trade show logo